Case #16 By Guido Fichera

Written on 09/09/2018
Masoud Abu Zant

Fichera education

Pz woman, 51 s, workers

Pain teeth
Inability to chew
Brake pain myofascial, arthralgia
Night Bruxism, day serramento
Primary Primary Dento-skeletal class 2 second division
Secondary Malocclusion from pathology, loss of dental units, iatrogenic dentistry
1.5 cavity cavities and deep intracanalare, 1.4 vertical root fracture, not recoverable

Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan:
Endo, conservative, prosthesis, periodontal, implanto, that, orthodontics

How would this pz be treated without the priority contribution of Orthodontic Orthodontics to turn a complex rehabilitation case into a simple case?
The American college of prosthodontist proposed the pdi diagnostic index to allow for a grading of the difficulties difficulty of clinical cases. Among the 4 determining factors, malocclusion and vertical dimension issues which are subject to the rehabilitation case are a fundamental factor of difficulty...
Without anything to remove the importance of operational technicalities in prostheses in general and in fixed prosthesis specifically, rehabilitation of a 1 skeletal or dento-skeletal pz or without secondary malocclusion is a non-problem problem, where the component The Prosthetic project has a minority value...

In The Rehabilitation-Prosthetic rehabilitation of pcs with primary and / or secondary malocclusion (i.e. most cases), Orthodontic Treatment Preprotesico, after healing the, tooth decay and disease disease, and under oral hygiene control, is in the Most cases the treatment option with maximum therapeutic efficacy at the lowest biological cost.
In fact, in a pcs that has biological and functional needs, and aesthetic demands, what biological cost do alternative treatment plans have?
Shortcuts shortcuts with total coronal preparations of highly malposizionati teeth and cosmetic cosmetic surgery often have very high biological costs.
And the same applies to pcs with primary and / or secondary malocclusion treated with shortcuts techniques (the so-called "Diamond driven of" according to g gurel, the orthodontics of the line aesthetic line made with the mill, leaving unchanged the state of malocclusion of the PZ, indeed often peggiorandolo for the realization of a frontal and lateral wall with a decrease in functional field): each new pre-additive restoration will be for the pz and for the clinical a restoration with margins and interfaces to be kept under control for all life...

Consideration of the restoration of element 2.3
2.3, decoronato and free of cervical cerclage at 360°, clinical and radiographic documentation at a distance of 6 YEARS AND 7 months from composite restoration and fibre pin, without provisional.
2.3 In relation to the service provided, it will be incorporated into the final prosthetic treatment and partial recovery of ferula with extrusion extrusion and embedded in the fixed prosthesis with 24 25 and 27. Will be carried out.
Endodonzia dr Francesco Ausilio