Case #14 By Abílio Coppede

Written on 02/07/2018
Masoud Abu Zant

Case of periodontal collapse and occlusal bimaxillar.
Treatment option using all-on-4 standard technique.
Extraction of dental elements and osteotomy angled for smoothing the edge and prosthetic optimization, allowing the correct positioning of the teeth and proper contour of the base of the prosthesis, Without Niches Niches.
Installation of conical implants (Dérig Tri Bioneck 4.3 mm), long and in regular diameter, which allowed for excellent primary stability, allowing the immediate load to be carried out.
Moulding With Condensation Silicona (CLONAGE - NEW DFL)
Taking facial records through wax plans.
Aesthetic planning through the use of DSD (digital smile design), which optimizes communication with the laboratory and allows aesthetic predictability during treatment.
Proof of teeth in wax, confirming the results of digital planning.
Teeth Chroma 4 (RUTHINIUM - NEW DFL)
Tpd Magnus Silva (Sculpere Dentistry)
Acrilização of prostheses and installation 2 days after surgical procedure.
Satisfactory result of rehabilitation, returning function, aesthetics and self-esteem to the patient, so long weakened by chronic periodontal disease.
The kind of work that fills us with personal satisfaction and motivates us to move forward!!!
Case performed by dear students of advanced course in the all-on-4 technique sculpere dentistry, during the December module.
A beautiful outcome of the past year, and an excellent way to start this new year!
A Wonderful 2018 to all!!-in sculpere dentistry and art