Case #11 By Friedrich Sauer

Written on 12/09/2017
Masoud Abu Zant

Intentional Replantation or surgical extrusion


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I was looking forward to share this case I recently did.

The central incisor fractured pretty bad and most of you would have done a implant.
Maybe even an implant with PET as I just saw from Howie Gluckman at the online esthetic master (great lecture)

I used surgical extrusion for gaining ferrule. The tooth was a traumatically extracted with something called Zalex.

First I isolated the Case, retreated it and placed a post. The post is probably not necessary but at a lecture about this intentional replantation a post was suggested.
As a temp and for better splinting I did a build up with a silicone key.
The extrusion was done in a separate appointment and I splinted for 15 days. The mobility of this tooth was the same as the neighboring teeth.

So far I have done around five of this kind of treatment in this year. Follow ups are needed of course.

Greetings from Berlin 


There is no post op extrusion picture ... I’m awfully sorry and I hope the post op xray gods will forgive me


Initial - high mobility


The fracture


Before isolation


Well ...


Removing of the old cement


More sandblasting


And sealing of the dentin before NaOCl - this is a geeky thing calles IES, instead of IDS


Some xray


Fiber post - probably overtreatment here


The palatal shell


Last xray before extrusion


Apparantly i suck in composite


Just cutting the fibers before extrusion






About 3mm extrusion


Some kind of shaping


Well too much shaping


15 days of splinting later


Time to remomve the splints





Some proof of 3mm


Done By Doctor : Friedrich Sauer