Case #3 By Alibi Maksutov

Written on 08/04/2017
Masoud Abu Zant

Full mouth reabilitation by Emax veneers and full veneers.

Patient - a man, 45 years old. Complaints about the abrasion of the teeth, lack of the teeth 24, 36, 46. The poor aesthetics of the smile.


Photo of Central occlusion


Orthotic to raise the VDO on the value of LVI index, the patient used the orthotic 3 months with periodic correction with Myotronic (TENS)




Mock up



Smile control with mock up



Gentle prep of teeth in order to maximize preservation of teeth enamel



Bonding ceramic restorations EMax using a rubber dam with Optibond FL and Variolink veneers



After bonding


Recall after 14 days. Central occlusion



Front occlusion



Photo of the upper jaw



Before and After



Before and After



Happy smile of the patient)))



Recall after 14 months


Panoramic X-rays after 14 months


By Doctor Alibi Maksutov