Masoud Abu Zant on 09/09/2018

Case #15 By Enrique Pérez Reyes

Another case in the most fun stage, the provisional with the handling of fabrics, always in search of perfect biological and aesthetic integration, the patient will return in a few months and ready to start the definitive prosthetic rehabilitation. Nothing like working with a good technician, who is in the same tune, like my good friend Alan Quiñones who worked the provisional superior prosthesis

Masoud Abu Zant on 01/25/2018

Case #13 By Marc Onuoha

Small case done some years ago. Not all steps are shown, but I hope you get the idea. Essentia GC was used. His UL1 was longer that UR1, and I wanted it to stay like that, but I was in doubt

Masoud Abu Zant on 01/02/2018

Case #12 By Vitalii Bogachuk

Our next restoration set made in my authorial Box-technique. This case was dane just with modeling and final polishing ( with out preparation). I would like to demonstrate the advantages (color and form control) of modeling over final preparation of restoration. Made by Bogachuk dental studio

Masoud Abu Zant on 11/16/2017

Case #9 By Viktor Scherbakov's

Little clinical case of chewing teeth resto + video of the modeling process. Ceram-x-SphereTec A3.5 + Esthet-x White.

Masoud Abu Zant on 10/30/2017

Case #8 By Tony Rotondo

I think that in experienced hands aesthetically restoring a single tooth space with an implant, is for the most part and in the right circumstances predictable. I can't say the same for two tooth spaces. This is about as close as I've come... and I was lucky the patient had good tissue volume to begin with.

Masoud Abu Zant on 09/13/2017

Case #7 By Fadi Yassmin

“Natural Veneers” using CAD milled monolithic ceramics and the DSD (digital smile design) digital workflow incorporating natural tooth libraries

Masoud Abu Zant on 08/04/2017

Case #4 By Borja Diaz Oliver's

This is one of my favorites techniques for the alveolar preservation for anterior front, realization of socket-shield, small particle xenograft, more tunnel graft of connective de-epithelialized by the sides and maintaining the keratinization that is exposed,this case is just to compare the volumen of the vestibular zone before and after treatment that’s the reason of few photos.

Masoud Abu Zant on 08/04/2017

Case #2 By Ankur Aggarwal

Every once in a while one comes across a case which challenges and changes the very fabric of dentistry and the way teeth can change lives. A 34 year old female came in with a hankerchief over her mouth to hide one of the most severe and advanced form of gingival hyperplasia ever seen by us in our practice. Taken aback at first, we realised that over the past 4 years her gingiva had mysteriously started overgrowing in all directions. There was no history of any disease, drug intake or any other triggering factor. 2 years back some dentist made a futile attempt to fix braces. Clinical examination revealed all teeth had extreme mobility with the upper and lower gingiva touching each other when attempts were made to 'bite normally'. Battery of blood tests were performed with everything being negative.

Masoud Abu Zant on 08/04/2017

Case #1 By Samir Karimov

20 year-old patient was referred to my practice after completing her orthodontic treatment.