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Double Crown Lengthening Guide. Digitally designed bone and soft tissue remodeling.

The facially driven smile design process should always start by defining the incised edge of the anterior upper teeth position, in harmony with the face and lip dynamics (fig 1, blue curve). After that, the most harmonious width relationship between teeth, arch and face should be defined, usually using the RED proportion (Recurring Esthetic Dental proportion) (fig 1, red lines). Only after the previous parameters are defined, one should define the width/length proportion of the central incisor and the ideal gingival position of the central incisors (fig 1, green rectangle). The ideal gingival curve definition will be related to the cervical of the central and the lip dynamics to help determine the hight of the gingiva towards the posteriors (fig 1, yellow curve).

  Masoud Abu Zant

Could a probiotic pill prevent dental cavities?

Dealing with cavities could one day be as simple as taking a supplement to keep unwanted bacteria in check, according to findings published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

  Masoud Abu Zant